It’s a wrap! The 2nd China Arts Festival in the EU has come to a close today

Posted on December 7th, 2016

The 2nd China Arts Festival in the EU is now officially over! Tonight, our co-president announced it during OBOR Committee’s 1st anniversary in Brussels. After weeks of a rich program of Chinese cultural and artistic events, we look back on what we achieved and cannot be prouder! Hundreds of people had the opportunity to (re)discover Chinese culture and arts, through original exhibitions, performances, conferences, movie screenings… and much more!

Now we are already heading for the 3rd edition for next year: we are aiming for a richer program, improved accessibility, more participating countries and most of all, MORE partners and people supporting our initiative!

Willing to get involved? Contact the Festival committee >>> <<<

Discover the pictures here and the teaser for our aftermovie below… the long version is coming up shortly!