For the second year in a row, Atlas International Culture collaborated with the China Arts & Entertainment Group during the Chinese New Year festivities to produce the show “The Silk Road on the Sea” at Théâtre National in Brussels.

Journey to the West

During two exceptional evenings on January 26th and 27th, guests and spectators discovered the story of Captain Pu and his bride to be, the lovely Ban, during the reign of Emperor Wudi. Sent away by the Emperor to explore new trade routes in the West, Captain Pu embarks for a long journey that will lead him through waves and storms, to formalize the first commercial and cultural agreements of China with the rest of the world. At the same moment, Ban, still in their country, patiently waits for her husband’s return and sits everyday on the Moonlight Rock, her gaze lost in the horizon.

A unique production for China Arts & Entertainment Group

The European Tour of the musical and dance performance “The Silk Road on the Sea” was the third in the “Image China” series of the China Arts & Entertainement Group. After the success of “The Silk Road” in 2014 and “The Legend of the Sun” in 2015, that received the press and viewers’ acclaim during each presentation, “The Silk Road on the Sea” spectacle offered a spectacular moment, full of charm.

The creators behind “The Silk Road on the Sea” are well-known for being the reference in their field, and some of the team members collaborated for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The China Arts & Entertainment Group trusted Atlas International Culture for a second year in a row. We realized the overall production management, from logistics and technical set up of the show, to press relations management with the Chinese and local media, as well as marketing, advertising and ticketing management. The group of dancers also had the opportunity to visit and meet the representative of the Béjart House, named after one of the most prominent contemporary choreographer of its generation, Maurice Béjart.