Press Conference – Beijing Opera Concert and Exhibition


The China Cultural Center in Brussels dedicated the month of October to the Beijing Opera.  Two special events were organized to honor this theme-month: the concertWalking in the Moonlight” and the exhibitionPeking Opera Art Show”. A press conference was given to introduce this theme and gathered about 15 journalists and press representatives at the China Cultural Center in Brussels. The Director of the Center, Mr. Tan Shu, the Director of the Shanghai Jingju Theater Company, Mr. Shan Yuejin and the Director of Shanghai Municipal Culture and Art Archives, Ms. Xia Ping have given speeches during the press conference. The event after the conference gathered about 170 people including guests, VIP’s and journalists who were eager to discover a fascinating show and the opening of the exhibition.

Atlas International Culture was in charge of the organization of the press conference, including the production of press releases and press kits. We also supported the organization of the opening ceremony at the China Cultural Center in Brussels and the promotion of the event on digital platforms.