Opening Ceremony of the Exhibition “Dialogue with Emperor Qin”


In the framework of the “China Arts Festival in the EU” organized by Atlas International Culture, the exhibition “Dialogue With Emperor Qin” took place at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management from September 21 to October 31, 2017. This exhibition featured the work of 28 European artists – one artist to represent each country of the European Union – and 3 Chinese artists. After visiting the world renowned “Emperor Qin Terracotta Army” in China, the artists created their own sculpture, inspired by the masterpieces and by the culture of their own country. Each of them reinterpreted the Emperor Qin’s famous warriors with contemporary eyes. This amazing exhibition has been exhibited in China at eight museums and has toured five museums in Europe. After a stop in Brussels, it will end its course in the Port of Antwerp in December 2017.

Atlas International Culture supported the organization of the opening ceremony in Brussels, taking place at Solvay on September 20. Our team helped to boost the communication and public relations for the event. We also took care of providing volunteers to support the logistics and operations related to the event. The evening gathered artists, journalists and about 150 guests coming to discover the exhibition before its grand opening to the public.