On April 13th, 2016, the China Cultural Center hosted the very first edition of the Media Event, entitled “Towards a more open economic system: China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Development of Cultural Trade”. The Media Event has the ambition of informing press representatives and other participants – from business, institutions, universities, etc – about one determined topic, and has reached a great success for this first edition. More than 100 guests took part in the morning talks and presentations, and high-level speakers from China and Belgium took the floor to express their views on the Chinese Free Trade Zones. A delegation of Chinese officials from Shanghai travelled all the way from China to Belgium to attend the event and exchange with the participants. Chinese and Belgian journalists covered the event, under the coordination of Atlas International Culture. Our VIP speakers and panelists included :

  • Mr. Marc VAN PEEL, Vice-Mayor of Antwerp and President of the Antwerp Port Authority
  • Mr. GUO Jianjun, Counselor for Commerce of the Chinese Embassy to Belgium
  • Mr. YAN Zhenquan, Director of the China Cultural Center
  • Mr. SHEN Weixing, Official representative of Shanghai Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV
  • Mr. SHEN Weihua, Official representative of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce
  • Mr. Bernard DEWIT, President of the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce
  • Mr. HU Huanzhong, Official representative of the National Base for International Culture Trade in Shanghai.
  • Mr. YAO Weiqun, Associate President and Researcher, Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Center
  • Mr. LIU Guojin, East Asia Business Manager of the Port of Antwerp
  • Mr. Dirk COOREVITS, Managing Director of Soudal Group

The different sessions were moderated by Senior Associates of the European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS – partner of the event), Mr. Erik FAMAEY and Mr. David FOUQUET, and hosted by Mr. YAN, director of the China Cultural Center in Brussels.

Presentations and report available here.