During the Chinese New Year festivities, Atlas International Culture produced the famous show “The Legend of the Sun” at Théâtre National in Brussels. Considered as the launching event for the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of EU-China relationship, this majestic show featured over 60 artists and 30 technicians for three evening in a row – one private show for high-level and VIP guests, and two evenings for the general public.

Together with the China Arts & Entertainment Group, Atlas managed this first show in Brussels of the artists annual tour in Europe. We dealt with every aspects of the show : marketing, commercial promotion, ticketing, offline and online communication, press relations, logistics, technical services, VIP management, but we also took care of educational exchanges with fruitful meetings and workshops of the Chinese artists with their Belgian counterparts.

“The Legend of the Sun” is a unique large-scale dance drama based on a centuries-old Chinese folk tale. Adapted from beautiful folklore, the play organically integrates popular dances, such as the Cockfighting dance, Hydrangea dance, Shoes dance and Fireworks dance. The music exudes a cordial and fresh concert-like sound with cheerful tones and strong drums. The unique stage set includes an array of large paintings that reflect the Zhuang ancestor’s dance.