With three years experience as an operator for the BRIC scholarship from Le Forem and after sending more than 200  Belgian interns to China, Atlas International Culture has now developed the reverse program: bringing Chinese students to Belgian companies for a 2 months internship.

Welcoming a Chinese intern in your company is more than valuable for your business. You will have the best opportunity to:

  • discover the real Chinese culture through the eyes of a native Chinese
  • develop new business opportunities with China
  • broaden your horizon on a new business culture
  • build up and strenghthen your relations with Chinese partners and clients
  • creating a special bond with a Chinese, who will get back to China and can act as an advisor or representative of your company in China.

Atlas International Culture is your privileged partner for the recruitment and the management of internship programs for Chinese interns. Our assets:

Atlas is a key player in the sino-belgian exchanges since 2013 and mainly focuses on cultural and academic exchanges between our China and Belgium. Highly experienced in internship programs, we reach out to a wide network of universities and we are always looking for companies interested in welcoming a Chinese intern. Supported by AWEX, the Government of Hubei province in China and Alliance Centre BW, this program is a win-win offer for you and the intern. He gets to learn more about the Belgian market and culture, while bringing added value to your company.

Ready to welcome a Chinese intern in your company? Don’t wait any further! Read our brochure (in French) or contact us directly for more information about this program.