The opening event of the 3rd China Arts Festival in the EU took place at Theatre Saint-Michel, a cultural landmark of Brussels. The Gala Show “The Sound of Grasslands” presented splendid performances by more than 43 artists on stage, coming from the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia, China. Together, the Mongolian renowned musicians and artists performed a whole show, revolving around intangible cultural heritage of Mongolian art, such as Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle), Mongolian long-song and Khoomei (throat singing). Dance performances, with passionate expressions and bright rythms, also enchanted the audience which showed up in great numbers, to fill in the 1000+ seats venue. A VIP reception was also organized before the show, with high-level guests such as Minister Zhao Shi, Vice-president of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Ambassador Yang Yanyi and MEP Istvan Ujhelyi.

The Gala Show took place during the opening days of activities, which also included the press conference of the festival, and the artist talk and masterclass by calligraphy master Chen Hongwu, and the photography exhibition “The Beautiful Inner Mongolia”. Atlas International Culture took care of the whole organization, logistics, communication, press and public relations for the opening days of events of the 3rd China Arts Festival in the EU and the Gala Show “The Sound of Grasslands”.