Opening Ceremony of the exhibition “The Immortals of a City”


To close its 2017 cultural activities related to China and prepare for a brand new year, the China Cultural Center in Brussels hosted, in cooperation with the Network of International Culturalink Entities, a picture exhibition of urban sculptures from “European Capital of Culture”. The exhibition was part of the 2017 program of the China Arts Festival in the EU. This exhibition was the occasion to discover urban sculptures as city landmarks, through the perspective of two Italian and two Chinese photographers. An opening ceremony was organized at the Center on December 7, 2017. In the afternoon, a conference was held by Zeng Yi, one of the author of this exhibition, about how China is perceived by foreigners visiting the country.

Atlas International Culture supported the exhibition and its opening ceremony by inviting Chinese and European journalists to attend the ceremony, on behalf of the China Arts Festival in the EU. Our team reached out to official and VIP guests as well. We were was also present the day of the opening to take pictures and nurture social media before and after the event.