Following the successes of the opening of the China Arts Festival in the EU, the exhibition “Insight to Self – The Image Life of a Chinese” entered the cultural scene of Brussels on October 26 and was open to the public until November 4 at Press Club Brussels Europe. Prestigious guests from both Chinese and European sides gathered on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition. EU officials, representatives from cultural institutions and academic circles witnessed the official speeches given by Mrs. Maria-Laura Franciosi, a founding member of the Press Club Brussels Europe, by Mrs. Julie Patterson, Co-president of the Committee of China Arts Festival in the EU and by Mr. Tong Bingxue, curator of the exhibition.

« Insight to Self » is a photographic retrospective on the life of a Chinese man named Ye Jinglu, born in Fuzhou in 1881. From 1907 to his death in 1968, he had a professional photo studio taking a yearly portrait of himself for 62 years without interruption. Covering three different historical periods – the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China and the New China era – the portraits reflect his sense of dignity, his willingness to exist for “himself”, his life attitude to self-esteem, self-love and self-reflection. “Insight to Self” is the first exhibition to showcase an ordinary person’s portraits from three different time periods of the Chinese history. The 62 portraits serve as an attempt to demonstrate a universal language and a deep common feeling that is to know the self.

The exhibition was realized in partnership with the Beijing World Art Museum. First national institution of non-profit cultural undertakings in China, the Museum focuses on the collections, exhibitions and researches of world art. Its mission is to promote the cultural exchange, to popularize the art education and to spread the world civilization to the public. Atlas International Culture took care of the logistics and operations related to this exhibition, of the production and organization of the official opening, of press relations granting press coverage for the event, and overall management onsite.