On October 19, the inauguration ceremony of the 2nd China Arts Festival in the EU was held at the European External Action Service, as well as the opening event to the first exhibition of the Festival, the calligraphy exhibition “The Charm of Chinese Characters – Meditation of Ancient Philosophers and Performance of Contemporary Calligraphers”. The exhibition was open from October 17 to November 7 at the European External Action Service.

The exhibition combines ancient history, intellectual history and calligraphy history together, by showing 30 works of contemporary calligraphers, 30 seal-cutting works and 30 rubbings. The artworks highlight the most influential ancient philosophers in each dynasty, and the most representative remarks of each philosopher were chosen in order to explore the core concept of China’s universal values. It remained for 3 weeks in the main hallway of the building of EEAS and was seen on a daily basis by curious EEAS staff and employees, whose feedback were more than positive. Marketing and advertising in the local press also attracted numbers of visitors for the exhibition. 2 private visits were organized for all the curious people willing to see the exhibition.

Atlas International Culture was in charge of the overall production of this two-sided event: the organization, logistics and operations for the exhibition itself, and the management of the vernissage along with the official opening of the China Arts Festival in the EU. More than 100 hundred VIP guests – mainly officials from EU institutions – attended the event, and insightful speeches were given by top-level officials such as Mr. Zhang Lirong, chargé d’affaires of the Mission of China to the EU, Mr. Ellis Mathews, Head of China Division at EEAS and Mr. Istvan Ujhelyi, MEP and President of the OBOR Committee. A delegation of calligraphers from the China Calligraphers Association, partner of the exhibition and the event, also highlighted the day with speeches and live demonstration of their ancient art.