Exhibition “Creative Shanghai”


From 4 to 26 July 2017, the China Cultural Center in Brussels hosted the exhibition “Creative Shanghai”. Varied, innovative and certainly creative, the exhibition invites visitors to appreciate the charms of Shanghai and presents the major achievements of the city in the cultural and creative industry.

The exhibition mainly includes photographic and pictorial works illustrating the urban landscapes of the city in an original way: 30 posters created by famous graphic designers as well as twenty pictures are displayed along the exhibition. A series of promotional objects inspired by Shanghai regional culture are also presented. The exhibition also features an interactive section for visitors: on the one hand, a large 3D painting takes them over the most famous landmarks of Shanghai, and on the other hand, a virtual reality film carries them into the sky of the city for a 360° immersion flight in the heart of the huge metropolis!

Atlas International Culture managed the press relations as well as the invitation of some VIP for the opening ceremony of the exhibition.