Chinese Culture Talk, with Dr. Zhang Qing


The first conference of the China Arts Festival in the EU took place on November 21, 2016. Also part of the “Chinese Culture Talk”, a program initiated by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, it featured a renowned specialist of Chinese art history: Dr. Zhang Qing, Head of the Research and Planning Department of the National Art Museum of China. The Chinese Culture Talks have been happening all around the world since 2015. They include a series of lectures on Chinese philosophy, cultural heritage, literature, music, arts, and a number of other culture-related subjects and they aim to become a platform to introduce Chinese culture to the world.

The Royal Library of Belgium, one of Brussels main cultural landmark, hosted the conference this afternoon. More than a hundred guests gathered to listen to the fascinating presentation of Dr. Zhang entitled “Maritime Culture and Chinese Art”. His career and research led him to cast light on an interesting perspective on Chinese art history: the intricate relationship between the development of arts in China, and the maritime explorations led by China, which led up to economic progress but also influenced greatly exchanges in artistic achievements between the East and the West. Completed by a comprehensive presentation on Chinese modern and contemporary art history since the Ming and Qing dynasties, Dr. Zhang’s talk was certainly an event of importance for the cultural landscape in Belgium and Europe.

Atlas International Culture organized the conference from scratch: venue identification and management, simultaneous interpreters identification and management, promotion of the event, guest invitation, VIP speakers identification and management, public relations and press relations and management.