China-European Union Cultural Creative Industry Forum


The China-European Union Cultural Creative Forum was supported by the Chinese National Institute for Cultural Development (NICD), a joint academic institution constructed under the cooperation agreement signed by the System Reform Leading Group Office of the National Ministry of Culture, and the Beijing International Studies University. The NICD aims at becoming an external platform for the national cultural development, a think-tank of global cultural developments, a study center of international cultural trade theory and a base for cultivating management of international cultural exchanges. Hence, several insightful discussion topics were raised during the Forum and gave opportunities for interesting exchanges between the Chinese delegation of the NICD and European key players in the cultural and creative industry.

The Forum was divided into three sessions, each one taking place in a different city: the historical symbolic Central Station in Antwerp, the College of Europe in Brugge and the Mission of China to the EU in Brussels. Atlas International Culture mainly took care of the forum moderation and the transportations and logistics related to the travel of the Chinese delegation.