During the first week of September, Atlas International Culture was entirely dedicated to Chinese comics, also known as manhua.

The Center of International Cultural Exchange, under the Chinese Ministry of Culture, and the China Cultural Center in Brussels jointly initiated the project to hold a Chinese booth at the 2016 Brussels Comic Strip Festival. Taking place at the Royal Park of Brussels, the event is a major milestone in Brussels cultural events and attracts more than 100,000 visitors over the weekend!

Atlas International Culture took charge of the overall organization and coordination of the China booth, and related activities: kick-off reception, movie screenings, set-up and dismantling of the booth, double-sided exhibition “Illustrated Concerto between tradition and modernity”, live drawings and signatures sessions by our talented artists Zao Dao and Zhang Weijun – son of Zhang Leping, creator of San Mao –  and kids workshops with our artist Yang Shuran. A little shop was also selling Chinese manhua edited in French, as well as a series of nice souvenir objets with typical Chinese illustrations.

Hundreds of visitors enjoyed the China booth and gave very positive feedback about the activities. We are already preparing for next year’s edition with even more content and entertaining activities for everyone!