Before the departure of each group of trainees to China, Atlas International Culture organizes a training session for all the trainees, for one or two days in a row. Open to the candidates of the BRIC Program as well as any other individual candidate leaving to China soon, the intercultural training session aims to give them information about the culture they are about to meet and experience, on different levels – history, traditions, society, language, business, and many more. Most of our┬áspeakers are specialized sinologists and Chinese teachers with a rich and wide experience in China, as well as former interns and speakers from the business community in China or Belgium.

That kind of training is not limited to young trainees preparing for a few-month stay in China. Atlas can also organize tailor-made intercultural trainings for companies, business associations, individuals, students, governmental officials, etc. In 2015, our team managed to hold a 1-day training for officials from Wallonia-Brussels Tourism, just before they leave in a business mission to China. For most of them, it was the first time they ever put foot in the Middle Kingdom and the training was more than valuable to them, according to their feedback.