Artistic exchange with Chinese performers

Beyond organizing and producing events, our role is also to promote cultural and artistic exchanges, between Chinese and local performers or organizations to initiate new paths of collaboration and contribute to mutual cultural enrichment.

During the European tour of “The Legend of the Sun”, Atlas organized a field visit for Chinese performers, who were invited to visit and meet their artistic counterparts at Franco Dragone‘s studio in La Louvière and at Ultima Vez studio in Brussels. Those visits led to valuable exchanges and new visions of contemporary artistic creations and dance.

More recently, before the European performances of “The Silk Road on the Sea”, the Chinese performers led a visit and exchange at Maison Maurice Béjart, named after the most influential contemporary dance artist of his generation. The Maison Béjart has the mission to promote Béjart’s artistic heritage and work for the development of contemporary dance in Belgium and beyond.